Youngblood Farm is a regenerative, sustainable, grass-based family farm.  We are focusing on restoration agriculture.  That includes feeding ourselves and others well, healing and nourishing the land, and teaching others to do the same.  

Mission Statement

Our Agrarian Journey

Our historical focus has been on beef cattle.  We love our cows!  However a shift has taken place; permaculture, orchards, gardens and soil health have become just as important to our growth and sustenance.  We recognize the symbiotic relational journey of our farm dwellers and desire to host the best for all of them.  We know this starts with our soil.  Focusing on management of herds is directly focused on soil management.  We feel our journey is just beginning~ again.  Thank you for coming along with us.  

Our mission is to promote radically traditional farming methods that improve our soils, advocate for real food, use less inputs than the previous year, advance with better genetics, improve land and grass management, provide quality herd building animals, share our passions with others and provide wanderers and wonderers a place to feel at home.


“Welcome to the new agrarian~more bucolic, more pastoral~less agriculture.”

— Andy Youngblood, Farmer

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