"To love anything good, at any cost, is a bargain."  Wendell Berry  


"I've had the thyme of my life"!             "Dill with it"!                               "You had me at aloe."


Our interest in herbs began in the kitchen. With that blooming passion, we truly started to dig into the world of herbs. We now are growing both culinary and medicinal herbs, although we use the culinary herbs to a much greater extent. I used to think of herbs as just a sprinkle of abundance to a meal or dish. After meeting the many faces of Basil and fine-tuning my pesto recipe, I now see herbs as sustenance, plate fillers, and main dishes. How we love herbs now! 

Our herb beds are growing. I have 3 beds dedicated to herbs and several potted herbs here close at the house. This year while converting more yard into garden, we are starting 4 more beds. In the orchard, we have a large bed that is mostly medicinal, but does contain some culinary. I love how those two categories can overlap. It makes such sense that what you eat is also healing for the body!