Grassfed Sheep


The sheep's dominant trait is it's docility and obedience.

They taste good too!!


It all starts to make sense...

I've always loved Psalms 23, but after blending more diversity into our farm by adding sheep, this passage, and others depicting sheep, are precious and spot-on.  

Sheep are truly in need of shepherds. Our herd started with a semi-hardy group of Katahdin ewes and one ram. Over the last decade our sheep herd hasn't grown to it's intended desire due to its limiting factor, properly enclosed pastures and browse. There is good news and bad news it seems. We are in need of more land under hot wire to expand our herd. But the good news is that once that land is encompased with proper fencing, our herd is expected to produce as they should. We have accidently adopted Mark Shephard's STUN method.  Sheer Total and Utter Neglect. But what we have left are true hardy, parasite resistant ewes. They are located on a farm about 15 miles from home and we check them only about 4 times a week. They eat little hay during the winter and survive and thrive on low-quality land. They are rarely in need of worming or hoof trimming. We have many plans for the sheep and hope to pull them off the back burner, where they have been for too long.